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weather (n): The condition of the atmosphere (at a given place and time) with respect to heat or cold, quantity of sunshine, presence or absence of rain, hail, snow, thunder, fog, etc., violence or gentleness of the winds. Also, the condition of the atmosphere regarded as subject to vicissitudes.

These stories are at once startling and beautiful. The world(s) of these stories is/are weathered… the characters face trying emotional and physical battering, and the weather itself behaves as a character, a deliverer… Continue reading

Association (n): A body of persons who have combined to execute a common purpose or advance a common cause

This year’s AWP in Denver was productive and fun and sleepless and mile high. Highlights include: Ahsahta Press reading off-site at the Magnolia ballroom–especially Ben Doller (new faculty at Mason, we’re excited to… Continue reading

plug (v): intr. U.S. To act in support of; to promote, recommend. With for.

While I fail miserably at blogging due to insane schedules, spring breaks, travels, and especially due to exhibit prep and installation (see photobucket shots of Simultaneous Contrast and others in the DIS/ARMING DOMESTICITY… Continue reading

Call (v): To shout, utter loudly, cry out, summon. Response (n): An answer, a reply.

This Saturday is the opening of the Call and Response exhibit at the Hamiltonion gallery at 1353 U Street NW, Washington DC. The project paired 16 writers with 16 visual artists – or,… Continue reading

Series (n): A number of things of one kind (chiefly immaterial, as events, actions, conditions, periods of time) following one another in temporal succession, or in the order of discourse or reasoning.

This Thursday, January 21st, at Big Bear Cafe in NW Washington, DC is the incredible reading series that happens the third Thursday of every month, Cheryl’s Gone, run by my friends and Mason… Continue reading

Loud (a): making a powerful impression on the sense of hearing. Fire (n): The active principle operative in combustion; popularly conceived as a substance visible in the form of flame or of ruddy glow or incandescence.

Well, there goes blogging Fall For the Book… I kind of made it happen. Saturday’s Fellows reading, featuring the thesis and completion fellowship honorees and  hosted by So To Speak, was a lovely… Continue reading