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Summer (n): The second and warmest season of the year, coming between spring and autumn

It’s officially summer here on the eastern shore of Maryland; it’s close to 90 degrees and too hot to do anything outside so all I want to do is rotate brief naps with… Continue reading

Gently Read Literature (n): an internet journal that hopes to be useful

Well, this is exciting. Thanks to Daniel Casey, editor over at Gently Read Literature, for giving me the opportunity to review a book I love, Joe Hall‘s Pigafetta is My Wife. He aptly… Continue reading

weather (n): The condition of the atmosphere (at a given place and time) with respect to heat or cold, quantity of sunshine, presence or absence of rain, hail, snow, thunder, fog, etc., violence or gentleness of the winds. Also, the condition of the atmosphere regarded as subject to vicissitudes.

These stories are at once startling and beautiful. The world(s) of these stories is/are weathered… the characters face trying emotional and physical battering, and the weather itself behaves as a character, a deliverer… Continue reading

Blue (adj): The name of one of the colours of the spectrum; of the colour of the sky and the deep sea

Re: Maggie Nelson’s Bluets (Wave Books). Nelson’s meditation takes place through 240 poetic prose pieces (some feel like prose poems, most feel like a mixed essay/journal/response), what she calls “propositions”. The range of… Continue reading

Capture (n): The fact of seizing or taking forcibly, or by stratagem, or of being thus seized or taken

Rob McLennan has Susan Tichy up for his 12 or 20 questions blog … she got 19, lucky woman. For one such questions he asks, and she responds: 6 – Do you have… Continue reading